Big Boss Journey

The winner of Big Boss Telugu season 2- Mr.Kaushal has never followed Bigg Boss, except for one early season in Hindi. In his thesis, it is just one of the many regular shows. As he passively watched the season 1, he assumed that the show would disappoint Telugu audience.  However, to his surprise, the show turned out to be a massive success.

He was formerly given a chance in season 1; however, to his dismay, certain work committals stopped him from seizing the opportunity. But, when he was given the second shot at the game, he was enthralled. He guessed that the show would be the right platform for him to prove his capabilities to the world. When he entered the house- it was such short notice, he was not ready for the show. Nonetheless, he decided on reading the people. He tried to get accustomed to the situations for the first couple of days. Kaushal conceded that each person had different personalities.

When the weekend arrived, he tried to unravel the subtle suggestions by the Host- Mr.Nani. And, the second week, he completely changed his plan. He improved his methods and, he discerned that Bigg Boss is all about grasping the opportunities at the right moment. So, he did just that. He took up every single opportunity thrown his way.

During the second week, he thought he was going to get eliminated. So, he thought it was his one last chance at proving himself. When the teammates started to degrade him, he took up the turn and went right back at them. He fought for himself, and people revered him for that. His attitude spoke volumes. Not everyone liked him but, none of them mattered. It was all about him and the game.

He surprised every contestant in the house by jumping over every hurdle thrown his way. He is a multitasker and illustrated it through his every act in the house.  However, the members of the house started hating him since he wasn't interested in their chatters. But, Kaushal was pretty clear from the commencement of the game. He was here for the game, not to discuss the personal tales of each contestant. From the wild card entries, he learned about 'Kaushal Army.' He then realized, he was not alone; an entire army is fighting for and with him.

While the rest was busy playing the game and following the rules, Kaushal became the game changer.

His journey in the house can shortly be explained as: "HE CAME, HE SAW, HE CONQUERED."