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Titli Cyclone - First Cause

It has been just a few weeks since the Kaushal Army Foundation has started. And, the foundation has taken up the motive to assist the victims of the cyclone- 'Titli.'

The first event has turned out great. The members headed to the most remote villages to make sure that every victim has received basic requirements.

They started at around 6 AM in Visakhapatnam and made their first stop at Mandasa Mandal. From there, the Army continued their journey to Cheepi Panchayat which had three villages- Dhalasari, Putturu, Bondikari- under it. After completing the service at Cheepi Panchayat, the troop along with Kaushal and his wife- Neelima- headed to Bhogabandha Panchayat which had Kudumasai, Gopalsai under control.

Various necessities like the bedsheets, rice bags, milk packets and such were handed to the affected families. Around 150 families had received help from the army and Kaushal himself.

Taking in the situation around the village of Dhalasari, Kaushal has raised an amount of 10,000 rupees on spot. Along with him, the members have also volunteered to contribute their share of the amount. In the third village- Bondikari- 15,000 rupees were raised spontaneously for a girl who was handicapped since the past 15 years.

These instinctive actions proved how far Kaushal and the Army could go to help the people in need.

Kaushal would like to thank everyone who had helped in making this event a huge success. The foundation put forward their special gratitude to all the contributors who have donated for the cause. The foundation and Kaushal would also like to thank TGP Bharath, MS Raju, Lion Vijay Kumar for contributing 1 lakh and AS Babu for the contribution of 60,000 rupees, EVERYONE who contributed even a penny.

Every penny matters. The foundation and Kaushal are happy for having made a difference.

Let's hope 'Kaushal Army Foundation' will prosper the same in the future as well.